2014 Year in Review

This year was full. It went so quickly due to an abundance of work, travel and play. Time felt like sand slipping through my fingers. I took an absolutely remarkable trip to Iceland for some play in food and travel photography (see those images here and here). It was the first time that I traveled from American soil and I went alone. I experienced more personal growth in those 5 days than I typically do in a year. I took two additional courses remotely. The first was with Anna Naphtali called the art of styling. It was an education in how to use light, texture, space and other visual cues to create mood. The second was with my favorite wedding photographers, The Parsons. They create some of the most honest and soulful documentary work I have ever seen in wedding photography. It was a joy to hear their perspectives on the work they do over a virtual cup of tea. I'm still not sure how to weave all that I've been learning into a sensical and coherent vision, but I trust that it will reveal itself over time as these things tend to do.

When I think of the work in weddings and portraiture, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Over the holidays I spent hours pouring through the photographs I've taken this year. I had the opportunity to relive everything, all the faces and kisses and togetherness. I'm grateful to have welcomed Mariah as my associate where she shot several weddings as a lead photographer and her images are mixed in below.  Between she and I, we documented 34 weddings. THIRTY-FOUR. I am grateful to have been in the presence of so many beautiful souls who have trusted me with their images and to be present for them on momentous days. Lastly, I'm grateful for all of you, the folks who have been following along here and supporting me in what I do all the way. Thank you, thank you, thank you for another wonderful year.