How to plan a wedding using Pinterest

If you are in the process of planning a wedding, you've likely heard of Pinterest.  Pinterest is a fantastic tool to make wedding planning more manageable.  Pinterest can serve to both inspire you and keep you organized.   Friends and family can leave comments on your pins, making the process interactive and the feedback on your ideas instant.  Below is a list of tips for using Pinterest to keep the stress of wedding planning to a minimum.

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1.  Engage and share with your vendors!  Have you pinned photographs of bouquets you like?  Share that page with your florist.  Love the font on one certain invitation?  Let your designer know.  And certainly, any time you see a wedding photo that really appeals to you, pin it straight away to a 'Photography' board and show it to your photographer.  As a photographer, I know that I can't match an exact photograph. But looking through your board, it gives me an idea of who you are.  If you are a really romantic person, romantic photographs will appeal to you and you'll pin them naturally.  I will see romance reflected in the images on your board.  Then, BOOM!  You've just given me a map on how to navigate your wedding day visually.

2.  Create multiple boards.  Instead of creating one 'wedding' board, break down your ideas into multiple boards.  That way, when you're talking to your invitation designer (or when you're working on your DIY design) it will be much easier to open one board on which you have invitation ideas.  Seeing all your gown pins side by side will also give you a chance to see the overall vision you have for your dress.  If you suddenly notice that 95% of the gowns you pin have lace backs, you have a point to begin at when you're out shopping.  You know what you want.

3.  Be realistic.  If you're not engaged, let alone even dating anyone, by all means pin the 'wedding of your dreams'.  However, if you're in crunch time with a fire under your bum to plan your ACTUAL wedding, pin only items that you feel like there is a good chance that you'll use.  Pinning a photo of reception decor that you can't afford or don't have time to create will only serve to make you feel bad.  Don't do it!  There are tons of fabulous ideas out there that can be both easy and affordable.  Know your goals.  Value yourself by setting realistic goals.  

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4  Relax.  Take a deep breath!  Remember that while Pinterest is an amazing tool,  it is only a tool.  I too often hear people talk about how Pinterest makes them feel like they're not good enough. Ultimately nothing that you've pinned will make or break your wedding day.  You can't pin love.  You can't pin joy.  You can't pin the importance of family and friends.  The sincerely authentic experience of the day is far more important than any detail.  Don't get caught up in creating unrealistic and ultimately unnecessary goals for yourself.  Nothing matters more than the love you have for one another.