Jennifer and Patrick, Union Project Pittsburgh Wedding

This wedding was crazy-stupid-awesome. Not because it included Harry Potter details, like Ravenclaw robes for the girls, or a Marauder's map for guests to add footprints to and sign as the guest book. Not because Jennifer mailed hundreds upon hundreds of handmade paper flowers in a box from Portland to Pittsburgh (yes, she made ALL THOSE flowers pictured below). Not because Patrick surprised Jennifer with a box of red-pepper flakes during their vows. Not even because the two took months of dance lessons and completely ROCKED the first dance. This wedding was crazy-stupid-awesome because Jennifer and Patrick were crazy-stupid-in-love. Every last bit of this wedding day was radiating with that love. Every last moment was filled with happiness, and not just the surface kind of happiness that makes you smile. It was the happiness of a deeper meaning, of a well thought out life, and a genuine dedication doing it right.

I'm crazy-stupid-thankful to have been a part of this day.

Thanks for shooting this one with me Mariah!