Jessica & Adam, Cape May Beach Engagement

Jessica, Adam and I shared some time along the Atlantic coast over the summer. By happenstance, they brought with them a bottle of wine from one of my favorite vineyards in Southern NY. Yes please!

I relish spending time with the people who are gracious enough to invite me to be a part of their wedding day. Our lives intersect for a brief but important moment in their personal history. Being connected with them helps me to know that history and tell a little something of it. These days many of my clients live out of state. Frequently, we have to settle for a few phone calls and emails. But the stars lined up, along with calendars and maps, and I was able to pair up with Jessica & Adam on a trip to Cape May. There, we spent the evening talking, laughing, listening, drinking wine and even taking a few photographs.

Jessica & Adam,

Thank you both for being so generous of spirit. I can't wait to join you in New York next summer to explore the lakes and trails with your family and friends!