Life, July

July was simple and ordinary and quiet.  We had one vacation and we are patiently awaiting another.   

I felt full of big ideas. I am hopeful that some of these ideas will reach fruition in the upcoming months and years.  Groundwork is being slowly and quietly patched down.  I can feel my feet more gracefully walking on a path that feels like home.  I am learning to incorporate my voice into my work.  I am finding more honesty in what life already is, and not what we hope for it to be.  I am letting go of the fear that I won't be hired if I admit that I don't care where you bought your wedding gown.  Or if I admit that I don't want parents to fuss so much at portrait sessions trying to keep shoes clean.

I hold strongly to our basic humanity.  I am a firm believer that love exists in a very non-commercial realm.  That is what I aim to show, and I hope that you'll join me!

{On the 31st, our family was photographed together- yes, me, in a picture!  These images were taken by Mariah Fisher, who often photographs by my side at weddings.  If you don't know her yet, you will in time.}