Ligonier Family Portraits, The H Family

I've had a working relationship with this beautiful family for three years. It's amazing to watch a family grow and it's not something I've taken for granted.

 I remember when I first began photography, I couldn't wait until the day that I didn't have to think about my camera anymore. The buttons and the settings are a huge roadblock for someone who wants to work from the heart. Imagine wanting to write a story, but you've never before learned to type. Every sentence is on the edge, ready to spill out into life, but you're busy scanning the keyboard for the letter F. The real work is thwarted by the tool. It is not done by the tool. Once you learn to type, the keyboard doesn't exist for you anymore. You're able to write and write and write. The tool becomes a part of your body. It's an incredible adaptation. 

Whenever I'm shooting, I seldom take any pause to think about the images that I'm making. The camera is a part of me. The work just flows. I can't even describe what it feels like. Life happens in front of me and I react. It's like a moving river. It's like a dance. I often don't even know what I've made until I'm looking at the images during the editing process. And in those moments, when I finally see the images made, I'm so grateful for my body and my heart and the families who have trusted me again and again to create for them.