Mindy & Robert, Wedding

I have this thing for little country churches.  You know the ones. Tight wooden pews and pink and blue pastel hues in the bathrooms.  Crocheted doilies and multi-colored hymn books for each in attendance.  The smallness.  The intimacy.  I love how parts of them could feel like your own living room.  People keeping things casual.  These were the churches of my own childhood.  This is the type of church Mindy & Robert and their loving families celebrated their wedding day in.  

They had a big fire hall reception.  A loud celebration, raucous and cheer.  This was the reception of my childhood.  This is the way my own family does things.  Cookies, Polka, shots.  I loved every minute of photographing this wedding and I practically glowed the entire time, feeling right at home.  

A always, thank you to Catchlight Photography & Design for having me a long to photography this wedding.