Morning Glory Inn, Pittsburgh Wedding, Heidi & Rick

I first met Heidi and Rick when I photographed Heidi's sister Crystal's wedding. As the maid of honor, Heidi gave the most unforgettable speech. It was absolutely hilarious, fun-loving and incredibly sweet. My sides hurt from laughing and crying so much simultaneously. It culminated with Heidi giving Crystal a pillow with Heidi's photograph printed on it, because she knew how much Crystal was going to miss her when she moved out- best-sister-friends, ya'll!

On the morning of the wedding, Heidi got dressed at home in her childhood bedroom. It was nearly un-touched by time. A snoopy lunchbox. A stuffed monkey on the bed. Baby pink walls. A personal history in every corner. She was so excited that she got dressed before I even arrived to photograph her getting dressed.

They played Wilco during their ceremony, smiled a ton and fist-bumped right after the first kiss. Their reception spread throughout the gorgeous patios and well-appointed rooms of the Morning Glory Inn. Rick & Heidi genuinely spent time enjoying the evening, eating, dancing and celebrating a life together that will undoubtedly be well lived. 

Thanks to Maria Palermo for second shooting with me. Her images are scattered throughout above. 

The stunning venue- Morning Glory Inn

I also need to mention Fish Hawk Acres, who prepared the incredible, local, fresh dinner. So.completely.delicious.