This was 2015 in Weddings

Holy shit ya'll. I didn't realize how amazing this year was, not at all. Not until I sat down to put this post together. And here it was again, all of you. I got to relive each of these days again.

I always have this vision in mind that when I start a season. I think, I'm going to make these EPIC images. Big, illlustrious portraits for couples that would grace style-magazine covers and win awards and all that sort of stuff. But I don't really end up doing that. Because when I show up on the day of your wedding and I look around, it's just not what I see. Instead I see your communities- your kin, both blood and chosen. I see your artifacts and your family heirlooms. I see your parents and your grandparents. I see your nerves and your tears and your excitements about everything the day will hold. I see the both of you, humans. You feel. You bleed. You wake up every day wondering which roads you will travel together, hand in hand. You have jobs. You have dreams. You have sorrows. You are completely in love. I see your basic humanity and it humbles me. I think, yes please. THIS is where it's at. THIS is what I need to be making images of.

I like to imagine a scenario. In it, both of you, 83 years old, are carefully opening a dusty suitcase from the attic. Inside are your wedding photographs. You sit close together. Your wrinkled, spotty hands are carefully picking up each image. Squinting over the tops of your glasses, you are leaning in closely to see. You are taken back to the day you married and





is as fresh as it was the moment you felt it. That is truly EPIC. I don't want to see my images all glossy and fresh on magazine covers. I'd rather know they'll be held in boxes and dusty frames, smudged with a million fingerprints from your grandchildren.  

Dear beautiful souls who I have had the privilege of working with this year---

---You are all amazing. Your love, integrity, and focus on what matters in life is an inspiration to me. I was humbled over and over again to serve each of you. Thank you for your real-ness and for sharing your truths with me. I can't begin to express how thankful I am to have been a small part of your lives. Stay gorgeous.



Thank you also to Mariah & Erika for second shooting with me for most of the year! A few of their images are mixed in above.