Pittsburgh Renaissance Hotel Wedding, Stephanie & Jeremy

I can't stop thinking of Jeremy's vow to Stephanie:

"I promise that when we get a dog, I will let you name it cilantro."

Everyone laughed. Stephanie laughed. I laughed. I also can't stop thinking about love. What is it? Who has it? How do we sustain it? Weddings are such a grande gesture of love. There's all the symbolism and the joy. They're huge and beautiful--- just like love. But life-long love isn't like a wedding- it's not even close. It's sort of a mess sometimes. It's inelegant, but brave. Love, the realest best kind of love, is the every day stuff. It's giving in small ways, over and over and over again. It's how you treat one another when no one else is looking. It's letting someone name your dog cilantro---- just to see them smile. 

Thanks for shooting this one with me Mariah & Marnie