Surviving (with a few of my favorite things)

I completely skipped a personal post in January.  I only half heartedly wrote one in December.  And now here we are, mostly through February, nearly to Lucinda's 4th birthday, and we're once again facing down another day of snow.

It hasn't been completely bad.  Right?  Sure, there were a few mornings where I woke up to more gray and ice and my heart filled with rage.  But overall we've been holding it down at the Vogelsang fort.  Cheery spirits and reminders to myself that 'I got this'.  There's also been enough space to fill with things I love.  A merciful quiet that summer never affords me.  These things have moved me through the winter and I'd like to share them with you.  (Links are blue, so please click.)


Heidi Swanson's rendition of Tassajara Warm Red Cabbage Salad

One of my very favorite photographers photographed a birth and put it on a slideshow with one of my very favorite songs.  The baby's name was Lenora Mae.  My baby's name is Lucinda Mae.  This was a delightful surprise in my blog feed and made me smile big over coffee.

I'm nearly finished sewing an altered version of this top.  

This wedding video (and wedding dress, the dress, the dress).

Kinfolk Magazine's Pinterest feed.

We've been eating lots of pomegranate, roasted beets, tuna melts and repeating this simple chocolate avocado pudding recipe.  No seriously, it's realllllllly good.

Rediscovering The Low Anthem

And finally documentary family sessions.  This is a snap from Elaina Mary's newborn session at home.  These slow tender moments are just a minute of our lives.  While I am perfectly capable of doing stylized newborn photos with blankets, props and photoshop, this smallness is what I live for.  This smallness is what matters- it's our life, messy and real and beautiful.