Take Your Children Camping

Take your children camping.  It's the quickest reminder that control is an illusion.


Try as we may, for as hard as we grasp, we don't get to control life.  We want to believe that if we could only line things up just so, our lives will finally do what it is we think they should.  So we struggle, organize, pack, make note of, and tie down tightly all our things. We fight, we deny, we yell, we compartmentalize and we desperately struggle to possess, to predict.  We think we need to have a whole lot of stuff in order to survive.

Wouldn't it feel better to just embrace life as is?  I know it's scary.  It's scary that we can't know our collective future, we can't anticipate our moment of death or even keep our children in line of sight at all times.   But I think as soon as we can learn to say - I'm okay with this, all of this, whatever THIS is - we'll all sleep better at night.  

Most especially when you're sleeping in a tent on the ground.