The Duquesne Club Wedding, Meredith & Jeremy

The first time I met Meredith and Jeremy, we talked about family, food and travel over beers in a noisy bar. Their aspirations for their wedding photography were simple. They wanted candid images of their friends and their family. That's it. No fuss. No perfectionism. It's the request I hear most often from my clients.

A few months later we met up on a cold day to shoot their engagement portraits. The two came wearing jeans and vests. We walked around the Strip District talking and laughing. I was smitten with their casual nature. 

The morning of the wedding, I arrived at the Duquesne Club. I had never shot there before. Truthfully, I was thinking it was a different venue until I looked at my directions in the car. While that might be an unprofessional sounding thing to admit, it's very intentional. I try not to do a lot of research prior to weddings. An odd strategy, but it's how I work. I want to show up and shoot completely from my heart with eyes wide open. I hate feeling like there's a preconceived way to photograph something. I don't ever want people to become invisible or secondary to the details and backgrounds.

I have to admit though, when I stepped foot into the Duquesne Club and realized this was a formal wedding, I was a bit shaken. The venue was immaculate. Dress was black tie. The whole scene was luxurious. It wasn't what I had expected from such a casual pair. But hey, when you are purposeful in trying to avoid having expectations, your ship is going to get rocked every now and again. 

I found Meredith.  She was the same sweet girl whose smile shines through from her eyes.  When I greeted Jeremy, he stepped off the elevator, gave me a huge hug and tried to carry my equipment. He was the same easy going and generous guy I met in the bar.

To Meredith & Jeremy and everyone else who works with me,

Thank you for being the gorgeous souls that you are. Thank you for trusting me to work in the subtle and heartfelt way that I do. The things that you all have in common are heart, soul, joy, and family. These are my things too. I don't care if you're in an upscale hotel downtown, or if we're trudging and laughing our way through the mud in a backyard (stay tuned for that one!) You're amazing. You fill me up and give my job meaning. Thank you a million times over for being real.