We are moving

To town.

To a corner lot on a sleepy street in a little wooden house that's painted sage green.

I've spent the last few weeks trying to find a way to say goodbye to the solitude and peace of the farm valley and a home that has indeed served us well. It's especially difficult to say goodbye to this place as spring approaches and ushers in the peeping frogs, barking foxes and trilling blackbirds we love so much. This home has been a place for us to welcome friends and clients. I've enjoyed inviting many of you to create images in my yard here. Looking back, I realize I've been unable to fully capture what life here felt like in photographs. I thought I would have many to share below, but nothing feels quite right. Our life here will be remembered through the smell of fields, cows and clover. It will always exist in feelings we got when we looked up at the sky here on clear winter nights- the stars- the wow. It's just been spectacular. 

We are being propelled from a home we love by certain ideals. For me, the need to commune with and serve people. For Bryan, the need to travel by foot and also serve people. One of my dearest friends thinks I might be the most extroverted person in the world. It's got to be close. I love having people in my home. I love sharing meals and exchanging stories. Bryan loves the idea of helping people shovel their walks and carrying in a neighbor's groceries should the need arise. We both love the feeling of walking through the streets late on a summer's night with only your breath and the crickets to keep you company. We want our daughter to be part of a vibrant and thriving community life. We are believers in open invitations and shared sidewalks. For us that's the good life. It's the blood in our veins.

Some of the old story is told below.

There will be new stories to tell soon.