Hi. I'm Jessica!

 I am a photographer, a mother, a wife, gardener and yogi, who loves good food and good company, spends every minute of warm days barefoot in the yard, trailblazing and sleeping under the stars.  My greatest joys come from spending time with people,  exploring everything and dancing until it hurts.

Unlike most photographers, I didn't grow up with a camera in my hands. I never dreamed that it would be my calling or life's work. My formal training is in biology. I wanted to know how life worked in a material way. I wanted to explore and learn about who we are right down to every cell and to know what it meant to breathe and rest and grow in the physical realm. There is an art to life, a beautiful symphony. We breathe and rest and grow in miraculous ways. We love and we create. We inspire and we are inspired.

Photography for me isn't really about photography. It's about exploring the art of life in a tangible way-- the creation, the passion and the love.

My style is not for everyone. I challenge my clients to show up with a full heart, ready to tell their stories, honor their real lives and share their love.  If you're ready to do that, I would be honored if you'd consider having me as your photographer. Then my promise to you will be the same. I will show up with my heart full and ready to tell your story, honor your life and document your love.

Extraordinary beauty shows up in the smallest places in life. We are here to witness it together.