Wedding F.A.Q.

What does My Wedding Investment include?




Do you travel?

Your investment always includes two photographers and the fully edited high resolution digital files with printing rights. Your final gallery will be delivered to you through a web-link where you'll be able to view and download all of your photographs directly to your computer. Additional items such as albums and engagement sessions can be purchased a la carte.


Sure do! Please let me know where to and I can work up a custom travel quote for you. 


How would you describe your photography style?

My style tends to be a mix, depending on both the clients desires and what part of the wedding I am covering.  For example, I tend to cover the ceremony as well as the reception with a photojournalistic style.  I do formal portraits with a lot of creative input.  I use more of an editorial style in photographing all the details.  This is something I discuss a lot at meetings.  Different clients have different desires in coverage, and I treat each wedding uniquely.

Are you the photographer who will shoot my wedding? 

Yes, I shoot all of my own bookings, unless there would be a dire emergency.  I always shoot with a second photographer as well.  So there will be two person coverage.

What about a backup plan if you are unable to shoot my wedding for some reason? 

This is the reason I never shoot alone.  I like the security of knowing that if I should have an emergency, there is someone already scheduled to be there!  I also have an extended network of other photographers that I know and trust, who I could call if need be. 


Do you have backup equipment? 

Absolutely.  I come up with backups of everything: cameras, lighting equipment, lenses, memory cards, batteries, high protein snacks & lip balm.  You name it, I've got it.  This ensures that you will have uninterrupted coverage, without any worries.

Do you shoot in color and black & white? Both? 

I shoot in digital RAW format, which allows me to process images whichever way when I am editing.  I would guess a very rough estimate to be around 80 percent  color, 20 percent b&w.  I make conversions based on the mood of each photo.  If there are any images you'd like to see either way, I can make those adjustments after I deliver the images. 

Can I customize a package based on my needs? 



How many weddings do you shoot in a year?

In order for me to offer a high level of personal service to my wedding clients, I limit myself to 25 weddings per year.  

Do you provide retouching, color adjustment or other corrective services?

Every single image that you receive will have been edited to optimize color, lighting and sharpness.  Basic retouching (like blemish removal) can be done where requested.   

What's your favorite kind of cereal?

Disclaimer:  No one has ever actually asked me this.  I'm more of a fruit and yogurt in the morning kind of girl.  I also eat unimaginable amounts of peanut butter.  With a spoon.  Straight from the jar.

How long after the wedding will I get the proofs? Will they be viewable online? On a CD? 

Turnaround time for proofs is guaranteed by 4-6 weeks.  Images will be available to view in an online gallery with a private link.  All photographs will be high-resolution, unwatermarked files.  They can be downloaded directly to your computer from the gallery.  You have full rights and permission to print and share them online.


How long after I order my photos/album will I get them? 

Print orders are delivered directly to your door in 3-5 days after placing your order.  Albums are designed within 6 months of the date you give me your photo list.  I like to lay out albums in the winter, when I am shooting less.  This gives me more time to focus on weddings during wedding season and more time to focus on albums in the off season.  It's a good way for me to be fresh with quality.  I certainly get them out sooner whenever possible.

Do you have liability insurance?


Yes, I carry full liability insurance.  I would be happy to provide documentation should your venue request it.


How often do you have dance parties?

Dance parties happen approximately 4 times a week in the Vogelsang household and you are ALWAYS welcome to stop by and join.  In fact, please do!! Unlike the guarantee that you will receive your images in 4-6 weeks, there is no guarantee that anyone will be out of their pajamas or that I will have combed my hair. 

Can you recreate photographs that I found on Pinterest or other wedding media outlets?

My goal is to create meaningful and purposeful photographs that withstand the test of current trends.  While we are willing to make an effort to honor your requests for specific photographs, we ask you to examine first whether or not those photographs hold true value to you.   Are they a true representation of your heart?

Do you do formal family/bridal party photographs?

My goal at every wedding is to create photographs that have emotional appeal. I will certainly make formal family photographs if those are what is important to you.  Just remember, that these photographs may take a lot of time and can be stressful for families and couples.  Your wedding day goes so quickly and you only have so much time to live it.  We would love to learn about who your special guests are so that we can capture them in ways truly honor them.  

Can you 'photoshop' me?

I don't believe that photoshop makes anyone more beautiful, instead, it invalidates true beauty and takes away the unique characteristics that make us who we are.  Each time that you photoshop someone thinner, smooth out wrinkles, whiten teeth, you are validating the idea that there is something wrong with having those features.  I strive to make people feel comfortable in front of my camera, and beyond that, comfortable in their own amazing bodies! If you're not too sure about that, I would be happy to refer you to a retoucher.